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Albany Deck Builders

Quality deck installation, repair, and restoration in the Capital Region

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Our family-owned company, Albany Deck Builders, has been around since 1987.  It is crazy to think that it has been that long.  As you can tell from when we started the company, we have an immense amount of experience and you will find nobody better when it comes to services for your deck. 

We have become a very successful company by remodeling, resurfacing, and refinishing decks in the Albany area and all over the capital region. Our state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained employees have helped us evolve into the company we are today. We have high quality wood, updated machinery, and employees who have been at this for 30 plus years! We guarantee you are not going to find anybody better for the job.

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We hope that you take our company into consideration because we offer great services at a stand-out price. Call us today to book a consultation.  Do not wait to build your brand-new deck, we promise we will have it done in no time! 

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For all of you people that already have your own deck sitting in your backyard this question may come up as you read this. Lucky for you we are advanced and experienced in redoing or installing decks to make it safer and also make it look good as new.  We know that deck of yours could use some improvements.  Call us so we can fix it up, so you can impress your friends and the neighbors.  Deck installation is very detailed and requires a lot of attention, therefore our experienced workers give their utmost attention to provide the best results. We promise you will receive those results in no time!

Our main objective is to try to give a timeline and price that matches up with your needs and we stick to that promise.  We do not want to be the type of company to drag on a project for months. Our company would never try to leave a job unfinished or try to take the money out of your pocket. However, we cannot guarantee we will find something that was unexpected because sometimes when you redo it, you never know what you can expect!  We will always do our best to stay on this timeline, and if something every does change we promise to have full communication with you.

We make, remodel, resurface, refinish, build, seal and repair decks. Our wood is a state-of-the-art product that is long lasting and looks amazing. If you just want a seal on your deck (which is very important) we can do that as well. We can accompany your needs with your ideas! Get in touch at (518) 401-0352.

Our business remains in the capital region. We have not expanded our horizons as our company is family owned and lives in the town. We take a lot of pride in our smaller type of company.  We are a family owned company, which also means we want to treat our clients like family.  There are two major things we focus on when we are running our business.  We are all about service and we are all about quality. So, spending time to make sure the results are what you want is the most important to us. Having many customers can limit some of our services. Given that, we are open to everybody, and when we finally get to work with you we promise you will not regret it and you will know you made the right choice right away!

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The pricing all depends on what you choose. We do not overcharge, but the cost of decking can be quite pricey.  We also have alternative deck options that we do offer that are much cheaper such as patio decks.  The quality remains extremely high, the price is just much lower.  We do our best to find good discounts on certain woods, and also have high end products.

We understand decking is an investment and a good amount of money, so it is important to keep in mind what you want and how you want to spend. We do not want to come just to “get the job done,” we want to provide the best quality for you because these are supposed to last a long time.  We promise for the quality that you are going to receive the price will be well worth it!

We hope that you take into consideration our company because we offer great services, and value our customers greatly! Please call us today to book a consultation!  Do not wait to build your brand-new deck, we promise we will have it done in no time! 

If you have previously been a customer of our company, please give us a rating and review down below, so that others can read more about our company if your questions have not been answered! We value what you say, so we can give the best results for our decking for everyone in town!

So, I think it is about time to call us your deck guys.  If you decide to do business with us we promise you will not regret it, and everybody is going to be jealous of your brand-new deck.  If there are any other questions or concerns do not be hesitant to call. We can be reached at our number listed, and we look forward to speaking with you soon! Get a free quote here: (518) 401-0352.

We are a relatively small company. Even though this is the case we know any job you have for us we will be able to accomplish.  We are very versatile when it comes to the kind of services we provide.  Call our team now for a free estimate at (518) 401-0352

We repair, remodel, and create custom decks.  We also started installing patio decks as well.  You will find nobody else who offers this much.  

We are determined to give the best service and it is guaranteed that the job will get done. If you are not happy with our job overall, we will do our best to refund what we can. 

Why our Deck construction team?

We would not say that we specialize in one area of business as a company, but one thing we know we have done very well in the past has been our wood decks.  Over the years we have gotten tons of positive reviews from people all across the capital region. We know we are the best option there is to install your new wood deck.

First and foremost, our main thing is that we really do care about the customer.  It is very important to us that you are treated right and get the deck you want.  When it comes to building decks, we do not really have a specific secret, but we know our decks and the wood we build the decks with extremely well.  One thing that we do recommend and have seen become more popular is hardwood decking.  The advantage with hardwood decking than the traditional type of decking is that they are more natural and durable.  This will not only look better, but also will protect the deck from things such as thunderstorms or those nasty winter storms that appear up here in the winter.  Another benefit with hardwood is there is such a variety of what you are able to do with it.  There are so many different kinds of patterns, grains, sizes, and so much more that you are able to do with it.  Because of the endless amount of options, you can make your deck look exactly how you want.  There are many different types of hardwood that you are able to choose from and it will make for the best looking, most durable deck there is. Even though we recommend hardwood decks we also offer a few other options that are unique that you might like.

Redwood Decks

This is was of the better-looking decks we would say, but it takes the most work to complete and maintain.  Once built it needs to be maintained by applying a sealer over and over again.  This is so it looks up to its top form.  Of course, we will be able to help you maintain and reseal your deck.  This is a very good-looking deck that we will help you maintain.

Cedar Decks

This kind of wood is the opposite of hardwood.  This is a much softer type of decking.  Over the years in the past this is probably the most used type of deck.  It is resistant to bugs and pests which is a major plus which some of these other decks might now do.  It is an older generation type of deck that you can rely on and we can make it look very good!

Pressure Treated Lumber Decks

This is one of the cheaper kinds of woods.  This is the best kind of wood that you are going to get for a good price.  It is very reliable, and we can make it look exactly how you want it to look with many different designs and layouts.

These are just some of our common choices, there are so many other options, designs and ideas that you are able to choose from.  So how about you call us, so we can figure out what is best for you!

Patio Decks

If you have a smaller backyard or just do not want a giant deck we do offer alternate options such as a patio deck.  We consider a patio a space outside that we could connect to your house or could also be built off of separately.  Typically, patios are made out of stone, concrete, or brick.  But we do however offer other things such as wood.  There is a ton you can do with this kind of thing.  Patios are great for family and friendly gatherings, or even a barbeque that you might want to have. They are also much easier to build and take care of and less of a hassle.  So why don’t you take a look a little more on what our patio service offers and give us a call.

When building a patio, pricing is a little bit different, but we promise it is only going to benefit you.  Building a patio is going to be a lot cheaper compared to constructing a whole deck.  So, if you want something like a deck in your backyard or right off of your house but pricing might be a little bit of an issue, getting a patio is the perfect thing for you.  Building a patio is probably only going to be only half of what it would cost to build a deck, so you will be saving a lot.  And do not worry it will look just as good as a deck.  You will be able to make it as big or as small as you want it.  We have done hundreds of these types of projects before.  We are very experienced in patio building and we promise that we will not disappoint you.

Just like when building decks and remodeling decks we would like to come up with a plan and a timeline for building the patio.  We will also go into all of the details in constructing the patio.  Like with the decks, there are so many different kinds of designs and layouts you will be able to choose from.  Everything is just very convenient and easy for you.  The process will be simple, and we will do a lot for you.  Costs are relatively low so that should not be much of an issue, and also patios take much quicker to install so it should not be too long of a process.

This is just another one of our great option and alternatives that we offer so you can make your home your dream home and exactly how you want it to look.  Our main goal is to find something that fits your home at the right cost.  That is why we started to build patios and we feel like it has not only been a major success for us, but you the customer as well.  For the deck builders albany ny residents trust, we can be reached at (518) 401-0352.