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Custom deck design albany ny

Build your perfect deck

Custom deck design in Albany is definitely one of the services we are most proud of and we have had major success over the past decade.  It is for sure our most complex service in terms of ideas and details.  This service for people to build a deck exactly how they want based on their home & surroundings. Call now at (518) 401-0352.  

Every single house is different.  The shape of the house is different, the size of the house is different, and the landscaping all around the house is different as well.  We take this all into account when we are working with custom deck design.  

That is the difference between custom design and regular design, there are so many more factors that go into the construction of the deck. We offer these services:

  • Pool deck design
  • Wrap-around deck design
  • Multi-level designs
  • Deck seating
  • Restaurant deck design
  • Cooking area designs

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These are some of the designs we have done in the past that we have had success in.  Pool designs are great with people with any kind of pool.  It is a great space to relax outside on those sunny days.  It is a great place to spend time with family and friends.  Just don’t forget the deck might get a little slippery on those pool days!

Wrap around and multi-level decks are decks that utilize deck space.  Wrap around decks are great based on your house that have a great design look to them.  Multi-level deck design gives you the most space possible and gives another unique look to it.  These two types of design decks will give a great look to it.  The amount of space you have will be more than enough.  SO have all the parties you want, looks like you are going to be the party house!

We can also do designs for cooking areas.  This is great for events such as family cookouts or barbeques. That is the kind of events all of these decks give.  Great space outside for events with family and friends.  The design of the deck does not stop there.  Along with all of the deck design we are also able to help out with stuff such as seating and furniture on the deck.  This could be attached on the deck or just brought on.  However, if you would like it designed just let us know.  This is just another benefit from choosing us over somebody else. We’re the best at Albany deck designs.

As you can see here these are just a few of hundreds of different things we can do with your own personal deck.  That is the great part about this that you have the ability to change things and customize it, so it fits your own home.  You will get it exactly how you like it, and we will not stop until you are satisfied.  So, if you think this service is good for you and your home give us a call so we can check your home out and get your own customized deck.