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Deck repair albany ny

deck restoration & repair services

Albany deck repair is all too common. The harsh weather in upstate New York, especially Albany county, does a number on your wooden decks, often damaging it.  Whether you need a small repair or a complete rebuild we’ll make your deck look as good as new.  We are the leading provider of deck repair and restoration in Albany.

We are able to work on decks we have done for you, or even if you have not used our services before we will still be able repair your deck.  We are here for all of the Albany residents to make your deck look good as new.  No matter what style deck you have we will be able to repair it.  We pride ourselves in being versatile and being able to perform hundreds of different repair tasks on any style of deck. Call (518) 401-0352.

wood deck installers albany ny

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Decks are built to last a very long time; however, they are not built to last forever.  We understand unfortunate circumstances occur with your deck, some that you might not even expect. Did a storm come in a damage part of your deck?  Or is your deck just wearing and tearing over the years?  Years of snowstorms and thunderstorms can do severe damage to your deck.  No matter what the problem it, we will be there to come and fix it right away.

Common deck issues we’ve seen include:

  • Rotting Wood
  • Loose or broken railings
  • Squeaky or damaged boards
  • Worn out finishing
  • Broken or cracked boards
  • Paint chips
  • Storm debris

We have basically seen it all in our years of business.  We are experienced and are definitely the right people for the job. Give us a call and tell us what your problem seems to be, so we can get over there right away to give it a look.  Once we are able to get an assessment of what is going on and what needs to be fixed with the deck we can go forward in making decisions in what needs to get done. Call (518) 401-0352 today.

You will be amazed on what our guys can do and how they can make it look good as new.  We can replace damaged or rotten timber or wood, resurface the entire deck, or make and small fixes that might include broken rails or wood.  Many times, once everything is done we make sure we bring out the deck color and deck grain.  We want to make the deck look like it was just installed.  We guarantee it will wow all of your family and friends.

Having to have your deck replaced or fixed is never a good thing.  We understand this can be a very painful and annoying process that some just might want to put off.  We promise we can make it as painless and easy as possible.  Do not put off fixing your deck until months or even years down the road.  Call us today so we can get over there right away, and we will get it done as quick as possible.  You will not regret it!